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Inna V. Makushina

Born in 1941, in Nikolaev. From 1961 to 1966 she studied at art collage by V. Serov in Leningrad. In 1966, entered the Leningrad Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture by I.Repin, faculty of sculpture (studio of Professor V.Pinchuk). After graduating from the Institute, she returned in Nikolaev, works by the sculptor in the Nikolaev’s art workshops (since 1975 — Nikolaev’s art-production complex).

Since 1991 she has been working in the creative studio of her husband — the Honoured artist of Ukraine Yury A. Makushin (PE "Sculpture"). Author of many monuments and plaques in Nikolaev and region.

Since 1998 she has taught at the National University of Shipbuilding by S. Makarov at the Department of Design in Nikolaev. Works in sculpture and painting.

1. Republican art exhibition "Always on the alert", Kiev, 1972.

2. All-Union Exhibition of Young Artists, Moscow, 1976.

3. Republican exhibition of small sculptures, Kiev, 1976.

4. The first city exhibition of the picture, Nikolaev, 1980.

5. Republican art exhibition "Sixty years of heroic", Kiev, 1980.

6. Republican exhibition "We are building communism", Kiev, 1982.

7. Regional Art Exhibition "Artists to City", Nikolaev, 1982.

8. Regional art exhibition devoted to 40th anniversary of the liberation of Nikolaev from the Nazi invaders, Nikolaev, 1984.

9. Regional Art Exhibition "200 Years of Nikolaev", 1989.

10. Regional art exhibition dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the Soviet people's victory in the Great Patriotic War, Nikolaev, 1986.

11. Regional art exhibition "Artists — to anniversary of October", Nikolaev, 1987.

12. Exhibition of works by artists of Nikolaev, Seattle (USA), 1991.

13. Regional art exhibition devoted to the day of the city Nikolaev, 1991.

14. The first art exhibition in the Nicholaev’s branch of the National University "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy", Nikolaev, 1998.

15. Christmas art exhibition, Nikolaev, 2000.

16. Personal exhibition in the regional Art Museum by V.Vereschagin, Nikolaev, 2006.

17. Christmas art exhibition, Nikolaev, 2006.

18. Personal exhibition in the regional Art Museum by V.Vereschagin, Nikolaev, 2007.

19. Regional Art Exhibition "Artists to City", Nikolaev, 2008.

20. Regional Art Exhibition "210 years of Nikolaev", Nikolaev, 2009.

21. Regional Art Exhibition "Artists to City", Nikolaev, 2010.

22. Christmas art exhibition, Nikolaev, 2011.

23. Regional Art Exhibition, Nikolaev, 2012.

24. Christmas art exhibition, Nikolaev, 2012.

25. Regional Art Exhibition, Nikolaev, 2013.

26. Christmas art exhibition, Nikolaev, 2013.

27. Regional Art Exhibition, Nikolaev, 2014.

28. Christmas art exhibition, Nikolaev, 2014.

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